Returning to the Roots of Natural Healing

Time To Bring Out The Ketchup

Fried Egg Sandwich

Let's make a couple fried eggslightly cooked in olive oil of courseand just add ketchup and a couple pieces of toast for a tasty egg sandwich. This is the comfort food of the new millennium, and great for lazy summer evenings. You can even make these while camping; just add some pine needles. 

Add ketchup to your scrambled eggs for a red boost of antioxidant power from tomatoes. If you've noticed the sugar added to ketchup, try the sugar-free variety from Heinz or even Organic Ketchup, which is made with cane sugar instead.

Don't forget, that unless it's Sucralose-sweetened, your Diabetic friends will probably be wise on this one.

If the First Nations people usually think I am Dr. Seuss, well it's because I am on Green Eggs and Ham.  And "I like your hat. . ."



The Heinz Puzzle

Heinz made a jigsaw puzzle where every piece is identical.  Learn more . . .